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  • Image of AKAI GURLEY
  • Image of AKAI GURLEY

Rest in peace Akai Gurley from Pink Houses

Took a vow of protector server
All you do now is disrespect and murder
I ask that you not hurt my kids
This is where you work, this is where I live

It's not uncommon to be chased around by the po
Tackled and shackled face down in the snow
Cause they sure you got a trey pound and some blow
Apology, no
Rather rude attitude if they find nothing and let you go
They see us as a black threat, criminals that ain't attack yet
But they the biggest clique in the city trying catch wreck
The only gang to walk through the gross lobbies
With armor and exposed shotties
They caught the most bodies
All I'm doing is serving the truth, you can observe it for proof
For years they been murdering youth
I don't see your purpose of coming in my crib, treat me worthless
Violating us with all illegal searches
Never peace, only beef you anticipate
Most of the shootouts in the street you initiate
We don't need your patrolling
If you gonna be hopping out beating us, leaving us swollen
Bleeding in our colon
Less of a guardian angel, more of an evil omen - KA